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Comedians: Dan Tall, Tommy Todd and Johnny Brim


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Cece Sample

Cece Sample

Here for a good time not a long time- Cece

I've only pooped my pants a few times- Evan


Cece Sample

Cece Sample

Cece Sample

Cecilia Sample is a Las Vegas based Stand Up Comedian. She has been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years in many different areas. She loves to drop names, so just ask her who she's worked with. She has a story for every single contact in her cell phone. 

Her self-deprecating humor helps people loosen up and to laugh with her or at her. She still hasn't figured out which one it is. 

The girl loves cornbread and hotdogs but despises corndogs. 

Evan is her best friend.


Evan Klemp

Cece Sample

Evan Klemp

Evan is a Las Vegas based musician with a background in drums. After growing up in Vegas he attended Univeristy of Arizona and left for LA to become a studio drummer. After spending most of his money on rent he returned to Vegas to join reggae rock band One Pin Short. Evan gigged and toured with them for years with bands such as Reel Big Fish, Sublime with Rome, and Ying Yang Twins. Lately the band has not been playing but Evan can still be found drumming in various alleyways and abandoned Hollywood Videos. Wipes back to front.

In late 2017 Evan met Cecilia. They have been inseparable and hilarious ever since.

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